"Sage Institute Inc. challenges the usual approach with practical thinking, simple solutions, and results that are effective for all parties. "

We strive to improve our clients’ existing consulting expectations within a cost-effective framework, where goals are clearly communicated, collaboratively established, and ultimately achieved.

Who We Are?



Sage Institute Inc. (SII) has provided public policy consulting, planning, environmental consulting, and land management services throughout California since 1978.  From offices in San Luis Obispo and Westlake Village, California, SII provides a multi-disciplinary consulting perspective unique within the industry.

Did You Know?

Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy

As directed by the State Water Board in Resolution No. 2008-0026, the Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy is being implemented in three phases which will allow for necessary infrastructure and program development. The current Phase 1 effort is now called the “Wetland Area Protection Policy  and Dredge and Fill Regulations.”