About Us



Sage Institute Inc. (SII) has provided public policy consulting, planning, environmental consulting, and land management services throughout California since 1978.  From offices in San Luis Obispo and Westlake Village, California, SII provides a multi-disciplinary consulting perspective unique within the industry.

Not only does SII provide long-range planning, CEQA compliance and biological resource consulting services, the firm combines these with a long track record of public policy analysis and assisting public and private organizations in the acquisition and management of land for large capital projects.  This is often the missing link to a successful planning process, which depends on the availability of land and the cooperation of land owners for a project to be realized.

Sage Institute strives to:

  • Serve the best interest of our clients
  • Foster respect for the environment
  • Serve the public good
  • Provide solution-oriented services at a good value
  • Continually improve what we do, how we do it, and what we know
  • Treat every unanswered question as a challenge

As the name suggests, Sage Institute is comprised of uncommonly skilled, highly trained professionals at the top of their fields. Sage’s principals have provided practical and effective consulting services to public agencies, public utilities, educational institutions, and private organizations for the majority of their careers.  Sage Institute brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds and skills, and applies these skills to provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for a growing and satisfied client base.