Our Services

Biological Assessments & Surveys

  • Pre-Construction Compliance Surveys
  • Biological and Wetland Assessments and Constraints Analysis
  • Rare Plant Surveys / Floristic Inventory
  • Habitat Restoration Planning, Implementation, and Monitoring
  • Special-Status Wildlife Surveys including USFWS / CDFW Protocol Surveys
  • Wetland Delineations and Jurisdictional Determinations (Federal and State)
  • Full-service Geographic Information System (GIS) Analysis and Mapping
  • USFWS Approved California Red-Legged Frog Survey and Monitoring
  • USFWS Approved California Tiger Salamander Monitoring
  • USFWS Southwest Willow Flycatcher and Least Bell’s Vireo Survey and Monitoring
  • NMFS Approved Steelhead Survey and Monitoring
  • Fairy Shrimp Surveys (Wet / Dry Season) Recovery Permit (#TE090849-2)

Resource Regulatory Compliance

  • Biological / Environmental Construction Monitoring, Post-Construction Monitoring & Reporting
  • Federal ESA Section 10 Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Preparation and Section 7 Consultations
  • Programmatic and Regional Permitting and Compliance Services
  • California ESA Compliance Strategies and Section 2080 Incidental Take Permit Processing
  • CDFW Streambed Alteration Agreements
  • Army Corps CWA Section 404 Individual & Nationwide Permits, Regional General Permits
  • RWQCB CWA Section 401 Water Quality Certifications
  • California Coastal Act Coastal Development Permits and LCP Compliance
  • Mitigation & Restoration Planning, Design, Implementation & Monitoring