Educational Facilities Consulting

Since its founding in 1979, SII has provided full service consulting services to public school districts and private sector clients throughout California.  These services have included a diverse range of policy, planning, financial, and land management tasks.  SII has represented its clients in public/private sector and interagency negotiations relative to financing or mitigation, and has developed a reputation for providing comprehensive services to school districts, assisting in a variety of facilities planning needs.

SII is recognized for its highly respected expertise and responsive working relationships with various public agencies, such as:  California Department of Education, State Allocation Board, Office of Public School Construction; City and County Planning Agencies, Commissions and Boards; and other State, regional and local agencies throughout California.

The broad range of services provided by SII include:

  • Educational Master Planning
  • Strategic Planning and Asset Management
  • School Site Acquisition and Surplus Property Disposition
  • Facilities Assessments and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Long-Range Financing Strategies
  • State School Facilities Program Funding Applications
  • Demographic Analysis and Enrollment Projections
  • Developer Fee Studies and Development Mitigation Agreements
  • Client Representation Before State Legislature and other Public Agencies
  • Public Policy Negotiations
  • Bond Financing and Assessment Districts for Schools and Public Infrastructure
  • Joint-Use Agreements
  • School District Reorganization
  • Environmental Analysis and CEQA/NEPA Compliance Strategies