Municipal & Public Policy Planning

Sage planning staff have specific technical expertise is in long-range planning, including General Plans, Specific Plans, and other programmatic policy documents.  Dr. Joel Kirschenstein leads the Sage team in public policy endevours associated with land development, financing, and intergovernmental coordination.  The Sage team brings considerable experience in a variety of specific tasks, including:

  • General Plans and Specific Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Public Agency Municipal Planning Assistance
  • Policy Analysis and Interpretation
  • Interagency Coordination and Facilitation
  • Public Outreach Programs
  • Development Agreements
  • Land Acquisition and Property Owner Negotiations
  • Property Subdivision and Entitlements
  • Redevelopment Agency Project Planning, Financing and Participation
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Planning